Shower Trays

The Duravit shower tray is manufactured using the innovative Dura Solid and can be flush-mounted, semi-recessed or built-in.

The Duravit shower tray's broad edge doubles as convenient shelf space. The outlet cover can be removed for easier cleaning. While the surface is almost level, functionality is at a maximum. The shower tray can also be combined with the Duravit Open Space, Open Space B shower enclosure and common market offered shower enclosures.

The high-quality Dura Solid maintains colour throughout. Stonetto is mostly suitable for any bathroom ambience and tile combination while offering additional colour options in anthracite, sand or white. The high-quality Dura Solid maintains colour throughout, giving the product a superior build and appearance. All Duravit shower trays are also available with our slip resistant coating ‘Antislip’. Based on its transparent, but noticeable surface, it prevents your feet from slipping.