Behind the Brand

Duravit was originally introduced from Germany and now for over many years has built a great relationship with Victor Paris to be one of their main suppliers in Scotland. Its contemporary minimalism, clean lines and functional simplicity quickly appealed to designers, architects and consumers alike. Duravit has since become a household name outside of its homeland, building a reputation as being at the forefront of bathroom design.

They concentrate primarily on sanitary ware essentials – each product possessing the utmost quality and precision.

Having originally started out in earthenware, Duravit are expert ceramicists, particularly adept at crafting understated designs. Their international reach is significant, offering 20 ranges globally. Each range has considerable breadth, making it suitable for almost every bathroom size and layout. Designer-led collaborations play an important role in Duravit’s approach – historically they have worked with such esteemed names as Philippe Starck, Sieger Design and Sir Norman Foster.

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